Revenue up 11.6% to £1,069 million, Underlying earningsper share up 9.2% to 41.6p
Underlying profit before tax up 14.2% to million £189, Dividend per share up 7.4% to 22.55p

PENNON GROUP BOARD'S STRATEGY is to promote the success of the Group for the benefit of its shareholders through its focus on water and sewerage services, waste management, recycling and renewable energy.

In pursuit of its strategy the Group aims to be a pre-eminent provider of customer services to high standards of quality, efficiency and reliability whilst having regard to a wide range of matters including:

  • the impact of its operations and activities on the community and the environment
  • the maintenance of high standards of business conduct
  • the need to foster business relationships with suppliers, customers and other key persons important to the success of the Group
  • the likely long-term consequences of any decisions
  • the interests of its employees.

Pennon Group's business is operated through two subsidiaries:

  • South West Water Limited - holds the water and sewerage appointments for Devon, Cornwall and parts of Dorset and Somerset
  • Viridor Limited - one of the leading waste management, recycling and renewable energy businesses in the United Kingdom.